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Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions. You don’t need tech skills to get started. Just sign up, connect your bank account, and get to work.

What you read matters

When you pay writers with money instead of clicks, you buy their best work.

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Substack powers independent writers

“If you’re a writer or editor, you don’t want to deal with tech or admin hassles for your publications. You just want a nice, clean interface that makes it easy to charge money. That’s what Substack provides.”

“I’ve made enough money from the first two weeks of subscriptions that I can actually put something into my retirement account and set aside money for taxes for the spring. That’s huge for me.”

“Just like everyone else I’m sick of seeing goofball ads next to great content – ads that get more and more distressing and weird and targeted every week. Substack fixes that and I still get paid.”

What’s in the box?

Elegant design

Produce newsletters that look great in any email client, and load fast on any device.

Powerful publishing

Publish to email and the web simultaneously with our simple content management system.

Subscription tools

Choose which newsletters are only for paying subscribers and which ones are free to all.

Secure payments

We use Stripe to make payments easy and secure for publishers and subscribers.

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Sign up now and get our beta pricing. Publishing is free. When you start charging for subscriptions, we'll take 10% after transaction fees.

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